Aptos Binance listing announcement

Binance Will List Aptos (APT)

2022-10-18 02:04

Fellow Binancians,

Binance will list Aptos (APT) and will open trading for these spot trading pairs at 2022-10-19 01:00 (UTC):

  • New Spot Trading Pairs: APT/BTC, APT/BUSD and APT/USDT
  • Users can now start depositing APT in preparation for trading
  • Withdrawals for APT will open at 2022-10-20 01:00 (UTC)
  • APT Listing Fee: 0 BNB

Note: The withdrawal open time is an estimated time for users’ reference. Users can view the actual status of withdrawals on the withdrawal page.

In addition, Binance will add APT as a new borrowable asset on Cross Margin and Isolated Margin, as well as these new margin pairs, within 48 hours from 2022-10-19 01:00 (UTC):

  • New Cross Margin Pairs: APT/BUSD, APT/USDT
  • New Isolated Margin Pairs: APT/BUSD, APT/USDT

Please refer to Margin Data for a list of the most updated marginable assets and further information on specific limits and rates.

What is Aptos (APT)?

Aptos is a proof-of-stake (PoS) Layer 1 blockchain that uses the Move programming language and virtual machine (MoveVM) for dApp development. APT is the native token for network fees, validator staking and governance.


Thanks for your support!

Binance Team



great… we will support at binance


Hey, you are welcome aboard the Aptos flight. We are so happy to have you in our midst. Sit tight and fasten your seat belt cause we are going on Aptos ride.:rocket::rocket::rocket:

Thank for your support.

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Let s go :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: just the beggining of a long story with aptos


Yeah, so many things to come.


Is it available to trade on Binance.US ?

I am waiting exitely I will buy :smiley:

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How well can this pump


great news :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Amazing that they are already listed on so many top-tier exchanges. It displays great support

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Superb, so many things to come soon :slight_smile:

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