Aptos Arena : Results of the start

Amazing numbers by Aptos Arena on Aptos

12,000+ Users
67,000+ Spawns
150,000+ Transactions

Pool of 10.000 $ successfully divided between players.NFT prizes by Aptomingos :flamingo: and Aptos Monkeys :monkey: were gifted to some lucky players.New raffles and events are ahead.The most important thing is that the game developing,and we`re (users) help in this directly.Only 2 days have been passed.We encountered some nuances on our way,but this is normal,problems are created to be solved.Help and support each other and stay on the wave of Aptos,and also prepare your weapons and enter the battle!!!


fast download

Good stats

Played 2 times , 1 from mobile and 1 time from laptop , lost on both. :frowning:

Wonderful statistics

I have received 0.02 APT back from Aptos Arena 3 days ago. But I have not understood why :slight_smile: