Aptos arena on aptosblockchain

Here I’m gonna be talking about AptosArena. Aptos Arena is blowing up on the Aptos blockchain! It’s not only a simple game, users can earn [$APT] for defeating the opponents. Recently, The game secured $3M in funding and was awarded a grant by Aptos.

Let’s see how you can leverage it and start making money out of it.
To play, get the Petra wallet and acquire APT from CEX or use bridges to fund your Aptos wallet
Then: - Open https://play.aptosarena.xyz
Connect your Wallet either PetraWallet or Martian Wallet
And just hit the ‘Play’ button. Remember, it’s necessary to have atleast 0.1 $APT in your wallet.

Note: You can play the game online without downloading! It’s not on mobile yet, so use your Windows or Mac.
Hint: Use a mouse for better aiming than a laptop trackpad.

The rules of the game are:
Entry Fee: 0.02 $APT
Get 0.018 $APT per kill.
People are making easily 8-10 eliminations per game. So, right now it seems like an easy opportunity to make money.
Don’t Fade Ser.


a nice game