Aptos Archive and Archive API

Welcome to my version of Aptos Archive and Aptos Archive API. I’ve started my own archive at https://archive.aptosnet.com/ (this is the main page where the main counters are displayed). This is an analog of Indexer from the Aptos team but entirely written in NodeJS. Now I’m developing an API for it that will provide more and faster information from the blockchain.

Functions in the Archive API that are already implemented GitHub - olton/aptos-archive-api: Aptos Archive API


Another great job done! Thank you Olton!

Serhii, you are the best Mover! We are incredibly grateful to you for your efforts and your work! It’s great to see such a gifted and diligent developer join the Aptos community!

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Great and useful/helpful page. Thank you!

Super!!! It’s very nice to see such enthusiasts.

That’s cool! Thank you very much!

Great work !