Aptos (APT) Airdrop ss2?

Let’s have an opinion to discuss, guys!!


I hope that’s true


God willing.


yes sir. hope


I just read a medium article that suggests that a second airdrop may be coming.
I for one would be VERY happy if this were so because my Pontem wallet reset by itself. I put the seed phrase in it to restore it and it said that the phrase was not valid. This made no sense because, I had to verify that I had backed it up as part of the process that you are asked to do in order to complete the set up of a new wallet.
So a second airdrop would be an answer to pray for me, if indeed they decide to issue one.


I hope so too, let’s try!

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Does Aptos’ tokenomics suggest that there may be a future airdrop? If not, then we are hoping for something that is never going to happen.
Believe me when I say that no one would be more happier than me if there was another airdrop. Me wallet was hacked and I lost access to it. So I have lost my previous airdrop allocation.
But until I see an official announcement from Aptos I am not holding out much hope for a second airdrop.

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God willing

Lets see if that cab happen because there is still supply left for community


Is gonna come and it will be huge,chill dude.

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Why should we expect a retrodrop from Aptos? Firstly, they distributed a small part of the tokens that are pledged for the community. Secondly, the project has raised more than $350M from top funds. Thirdly, the blockchain has a fairly low activity, which could be heated up with a retro drop and the accompanying hype.

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its true :heart_eyes:

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