APTOS ANNIVERSARY (Potential Airdrop Criteria)

Yesterday, Aptos released their 1yr anniversary tweet along with a task which is quite similar to what they used as criteria for phase 1 airdrop. I might have reasons to believe that they might use this option as Criteria again and also reasons to believe they won’t !

During their first airdrop, aptos released a testnet NFT, All we had to do was claim faucet tokens, mint the NFT, that’s was that was required to get $1.5k Now, if aptos doesn’t want to put out a stressful task again, they can easily use this strategy again, Or, they can ditch it and go for other options which I will write about as well.

Reasons they might not: aptos is already on mainnet and will likely chose to reward consider their community by rewarding only active users only.

I will still put out a thread on how you can become aptos active user.
For now, read and perform the task below as it’s ending in few hours

Go to graffio.art , Connect wallet Click “go to draw mode”.
Zoom in to any of the black parts Draw anything Licj “submit Drawing” and approve transaction in your wallet Go back and see if it says added, if it doesn’t, repeat the process.

That’s all for now. Have great day ahead


Thanks bro for your information

Thanks for the information