🆘 Aptos and the community, or how to make sure you are heard?

Hi all!
I’d like to bring up a topic about Aptos team’s involvement and activity on the forum and communication with the community.

First of all i wanna say thank you @james, we know you’re not in charge of the community anymore but when you were there we all felt like we were seen and heard. Thank you for that!

Now I want to come to the questions:
Whom do we turn to now? Whom we need to tag? From whom should we expect a response to our proposal? How do we know that we are being heard?

Why am I writing this?
I am an active member of the community (take a look at my profile and everything will become clear) it is very important for us to understand that our work and suggestions do not remain somewhere in the shadows, because in order to build something in the Aptos network, communication with the project very important.

I would like to ask the active community to be as active as possible under this post, if you know who you can tag, do it.

** If you don’t know who to tag, tag the same people. :arrow_down: :arrow_down: **

@jovar @abidtn7303 @boyu @dev2135