Aptos and GoogleCloud Partnership

What do you think about this news? :star_struck:


Intresting, waiting for news

Always this kind of partner ship is about storage.
They use google cloud for storing data like Mina protocol

Such a partnership is very good news, but looking at the market situation we have, it did not give such hype, as if it gave even in a small bull market!
I hope that in time the situation will improve and $APTOS will be able to show its power!

Sounds good! Let’s wait for more details… :+1:

FREE vps ?..

I will stay tuned for your update

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Waiting for more information


Thanks for sharing this here.

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Yes we should patiently wait

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Good things come to those who wait.

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And we will never give up, Wll keep wait the coming of the good thing

Big partnership :grinning:
If they use it well, it will definitely help in the development of the blockchain.

#APTOS, when is the next news?

Don’t mind the community will keep you updated

nice news for bear market)

There are interesting news

Then let’s hear it