"Aptos All Week" concept

The question about how to raise activity in our community still open. This question has been raised more than once ! We need to come up with a solution … Unfortunately, activity peak is only just before the start of the AIT testnets, for now !
I saw many people in community are very happy with Move Mondays and Workshop Wednesday calls and waiting for them with impatience
Why not to schedule the whole week for events !?
Here is my little proposal

Concept of - Aptos All Week

1)Move Mondays (Move Mondays call + introducing of some video tutorials, maybe articles etc. about Move language)
2)Tweets Tuesdays (social activity)
3)Workshop Wednesdays (workshop calls + working on a Miro board)
4)Forum Thursdays (activity on forum)
5)Meme Fridays (meme of a week)

6)Saturday & 7)Sunday
Weekends for some homework if it needs (maybe discord calls or some activity for coordinators and other contributors)
Don’t forget - it’s only voluntary work, for them who love and believe in Aptos project and fascinating in building a strong and healthy community !
If anybody needs to rest or maybe made a solo brainstorm - it’s great too, Miro board and Forum are open 24/7/365🙂
We can also include some quizzes etc. in some of a day

Perhaps it’s worth figuring out how to encourage the most active participants

It is only concept, it can be modified a little, if it takes a place
Feels free to comment below, I want to hear your suggestions and thoughts


Hi, in general the idea is not bad, but I would not conduct calls for the sake of calls every day, because according to statistics of rallies does not increase motivation and activity of the community. It’s a good idea to add tweeting/forum and meme activity on Friday.


Totally agree, everyday’s Aptos is not good idea. There is no so much activity/news for it. And it will be total repeating and requoting. Smaller looks better sometimes. “Move Mondays” is good enough

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Thanks for your answer and thoughts ! My concept is not to have a call every days , it’s really boring … it’s about everyday activity only and maybe one more call day ( ecosystem meet-ups is a good one )

cool,It’s a good idea to add tweeting/forum and meme activity on Friday

Meme Fridays should be once a month or bi-weekly since there are simply not many of them. And can you elaborate Tweets Tuesdays (social activity)?

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Maybe it’s time to bring to live idea from Miro board about educational memes ?!)