Aptos Alexandria

:thread:Introducing Aptos Alexandria, the largest library about Aptos Labs and its ecosystem bootstrap by a giant educational contest !
:gift: 300+ Exclusive prizes to win from 40+ Aptos projects (Airdrops, WL, Roles, NFTs…) !
:arrow_down: Learn details below and how to participate #AptosAlexandria

:books: CONCEPT This initiative is created by AptosBull & BoysAdventure and already partnered with 40+ Aptos projects Alexandria is obviously a reference to the Library of Alexandria, the aim is to create the largest learning place on Aptos made by the community

It will start with a 2 weeks educational contest (10/10-24/10) where anyone can create content related to Aptos and submit their work into our website

Then, we will centralize all the content in the library so everyone can access a tons of content about Aptos and its ecosystem

:white_check_mark: PROCESS
• Create any types of content related to Aptos (Threads, Vids, Articles…)
• Publish it on your social medias with #AptosAlexandria (Twitter, Youtube, Medium…)
• Submit your work into our website (link tomorrow) from October 10th to October 24th

• All languages allowed
• Your content can be on any platforms but must be published from October 7th to October 24th
• Must contain #AptosAlexandria
• Must submit your work on our website to be eligible

We already gathered 40+ projects among the top Aptos projects.
They will support us, spread the word about this initiative and provide exclusive prizes for the most qualitative contents !
:arrow_down:Here’s some of our partners, you will find the complete list on our website.

We already have 300+ exclusive prizes to distribute from our partners including Airdrops, WLs, Roles, NFTs… The prizes list will be available on our website (link tomorrow) Follow
@AptosBuII & @boysadvnture and join our Discord to stay updated :
If you’re building a project on Aptos and want to join us on this journey or have any questions, my DMs are always open to talk! ! :raised_hands:




This is really huge. Thanks for this.


Interested in learning about Aptos, blockchain, cryptocurrency, security, technology, or following along with tutorials? Alexandria shall have all that for you and much more!

Dont miss guys.
I am not kidding :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Now I see where to come for resources :clap: :clap:


Sure he’s doing a great job.


Definitely, you are at the right place.


:blue_heart: Thank you for the amazing support we received so far from both community and builders side, we have now 50+ partners projects! !
:thread: It’s time to reveal more, below you will find :
• Website link
• More partners
• Website guide ![
:arrow_right: https://aptos-alexandria.ju.mp/

:scroll: Let’s review some points :
• Access all details about the event and submit your work on « Participate »
• Submissions will officially open on Monday 10th October
• You can subscribe to our Newsletter at the bottom of the page
• You will find all contents on « Library »

:handshake:Here’s more of our partners, you can find the complete list on our Website

:white_check_mark: Follow https://twitter.com/AptosBuII & https://twitter.com/BoysAdvnture and join our Discord to stay updated : http://discord.gg/bChPpDTZ4P
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Okay, lets retweet. Wishing you well


:alarm_clock: Aptos Alexandria event will officially start tomorrow, you will be able to submit your content on our website to be eligible for 350+ exclusive prizes from 50+ Aptos projects !
:link: Learn more and how to participate here : http://aptos-alexandria.ju.mp

:handshake:Here’s some more of our partners who will support us and provide incentives, you can find them all at http://aptos-alexandria.ju.mp

See you tomorrow :slight_smile:


That is really followed well.


When can we have access to library section?

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Wow ,
Aptos is moving so well,
What a wonderful destinations :hugs:

Glad you are part of it.

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Sure man ,
Thanks :+1::+1:

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really useful info

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Sounds :+1:
And can we declare the prizes pls ?

thanks for sharing, cool :heart_decoration: :+1:

Indeed you are welcome