Aptos Alexandria - Educational community contest

Hello everyone, I am PIM from the NFT project “Boys Adventure”,
I created this post because I need your help and partner to realize the educational and community project around Aptos and its ecosystem: APTOS ALEXANDRIA.

AA (APTOS ALEXANDRIA) is a reference to the Great Library of Alexandria known to contain a huge amount of knowledge. So I want to create through this project a huge amount of knowledge around Aptos, but in a way that rewards content creators.

AA is a contest of educational content creation (threads, articles, videos) that rewards the best educational creations, the winners will be elected by the community.

You are free to choose the subject you want to talk about, as long as it stays around the Aptos ecosystem.
For example, you can simply explain how Aptos works, explain how a DeFi protocol works (present on Aptos), compare the different Wallets, explain the advantages of MOVE over other languages…
You understood it there are a lot of possibilities and you can make content focused on beginner, intermediate or expert (you are really free).

The best creations (the number is still to be determined) will win rewards (the rewards are still to be determined, as they depend on the partners):
At Boys Adventure we offer for each winner a WL to mint our project, and a medal (NFT) that will be available at the launch of the Mainnet.

If you are a project, a generous person or directly the Aptos team and you want to be a partner of the event and therefore give rewards, please contact me on the following twitter account (in DM) : https://twitter.com/BoysAdvnture
Or via Discord : PIM - Boys Adventure#5014

I will answer you as soon as possible.
Joining this project will stimulate your community and make the Aptos ecosystem even more accessible.
Once the partners are found, I will keep you informed of the beginning of the event!

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please let us know in the comments of this post.

Thanks to all of you,



Nice idea :+1:

But I suggest you take a look at the Aptos Academy initiative. It’s very similar to what you offer. And @spacetraveler3020 have worked out this idea in great detail. You can find more details here.

Maybe it’ll be great if you support this initiative and add something yours, for example, cooperation with Boys Adventure NFT


I looked at it and it’s very interesting, if I have some time left I will get involved in the project, thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing the idea here.
Aptos Alexandria, love the idea btw.


It seems had this idea put forward before you did. Nevertheless you still make some changes and bring it forward again. Let it not be like we are antagonising each other here.