Aptos ait 3 / how to get there? my recommendations



In general, the video is useful, but no one knows exactly what the requirements for the selection of participants are. Apart from the team, of course. :shushing_face:

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Cool video, you say the right and interesting things, but the video is long, for convenience, I would also add a text squeeze

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Useful video) Should be shared in the Russian-speaking community

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Gentle vidos. In principle, he told everything correctly.

Thx. Good info for newbie))

Sorry I don’t understand the language.

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I completely agree)

yes, I want to add good editing and graphics to the video in the future)

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Thank you, I am pleased)

I’m glad, thanks)

thanks a lot :pinched_fingers:


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Do you have an English version for this by any chance? Would appreciate it, thanks a lot.

I will make a text version here on the forum in English)

Спасибо, видео полезно

all done by myself,
found your video to late here
thx anyway good recommendations

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the new tutorial (doc) is quite useful :wink:

I heard that only 225 users will be eligible is it true??

thx) very nice