Aptos Airdrop V2. Second part of guide

Continuation of the guide on how to get closer to the retrodrop from Aptos v2.0.

You can read the first part of the guide here— Aptos airdrop V2 confirmed?

Lets start :saluting_face:

I hope I don’t need to say that first you need to install an aptos wallet for yourself: I advise Petra Wallet or Martian and top up it for at least 2-3 APT

  1. If you use Martian swap inside the wallet swape some APT for example to WETH and after Link your twitter
    Снимок экрана 2023-06-25 165453

  2. Go to DEX Portfolio | Thala Labs and use Swap function . Swap APT on 0.5$ zUSDC (or more up to you )

Add some liquidity on thala Liquidity Pools | Thala Labs for example with stablecoins pair (even 0.5$ will be enough )

  1. Also you can make an activity on Topaz NFT marketpalce. For example,buy this cheap colleection just for a 1$ https://www.topaz.so/collection/METAPIXEL-Early-Adopter-NFT-2a172fb807

4)Test Hippo and swap some APT to whUSDC Hippo Labs

  1. Go on Ariesmarkets and bridge whUSDC to EVM chain (for example to Fantom,Polygon and BSC)

  2. Swap APT to USDT and after add a liquidity here Aptoswap | Swap platform powered by APTOS ( 2-5$ eneough )

7)Finally sell your NFT which we purchase before here BlueMove

I think that’s enough. Now keep active in the Aptos ecosystem, as well as on the forum.

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This is still confirmed we need to make for airdrop V2 ?


i think yes. But alwaye DYOR