Aptos Airdrop Second Round is coming

It appears that the Aptos Second Round Airdrop will be happening soon! Let’s explore the requirements for eligibility.

  1. Acquire Community Badges.
  2. Numerous badges are available based on your involvement within the Aptos community.
  3. Visit (Badges).
  4. Log in using the same account you used for the aptos airdrop V1. If you missed the first round, create a new account.
  5. You must strive to collect all the badges individually.
  6. Once you successfully complete a task, you will receive a notification and an email.
  7. The objective is to engage extensively with the community by asking questions, providing feedback, sharing content, and more.

Possessing all the badges and actively participating will significantly enhance your chances of receiving the Airdrop.



I have one badge, how many are there and how do I get them?