Aptos airdrop s 2

Aptos Airdrop Season 2 (Things you need to know)

1/ :tada: Aptos Community, we’re celebrating #AptosOne in style! Introducing Graffio: a unique canvas where YOUR art shapes a special commemorative NFT.

Dive in and be a part of Aptos history! :art::globe_with_meridians:

2/ :framed_picture: Creating with Graffio :framed_picture:

:one: Visit Graffio.art
:two: Connect via Aptos wallet adaptor, or log in through social media
:three: If logging in socially, create a Graffio Wallet
:four: Add your art to our collective canvas
:five: Return later to your wallet to view your NFT

3/ :closed_lock_with_key: Graffio Essentials :closed_lock_with_key:

:paintbrush: Let’s keep creations fun & respectful—no inappropriate content, please!
:fuelpump: Enjoy gas-free participation when you log in through social & create a Graffio Wallet
:dizzy: In 24 hours, the canvas becomes an NFT, and will be transferred to the wallet used

4/ This communal art creation is powered by the Aptos network. With high throughput, low fees, effortless social logins via Identity Connect, and Sponsored Transactions, we ensure every Aptos expert and novice can seamlessly contribute to our collective masterpiece. :globe_with_meridians:

5/ Let’s ensure our collective art project reflects the positive, innovative spirit of the Aptos community :star2:

While creativity is appreciated, Graffio moderators will be monitoring the canvas and reserve the right to moderate, edit, or clear the canvas :stop_sign:


As this Ended?

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You are welcome to the community mate
Nothing is ended bro
You can enjoy here bro
Have a good time


Gracias por este artículo
Awaiting my nft, can’t wait to see what it look like!


Am trying to minting is close on wallet