Aptos Airdrop not received for AIT 1 and AIT 3 participant

Hey team,
I’m speaking in the name of all the Validators from AIT 1 , 2 and 3.

You said that selected participants of AIT 1 , AIT 2, and AIT 3 will receive tokens for their effort. 500 for AIT 1, more for AIT 2, and for AIT 3 between 800 to 1200 plus some extras.

I’ve been successfully involved in AIT 1 and AIT 3, with the discord id SorinE_#8469 and did not get all the promised tokens.

Will this be a different airdrop that you’ll make?



I received 2 emails that I received an airdrop as I was on AIT3 and also minted the NFT on testnet, but I claimed only 300 APT. So it was only on airdrop with 2 emails?


Rewards for participation in AIT have not yet been paid to anyone.
The exact amount of tokens for participation in AIT2 and AIT3 has not yet been published either.
We expect information from the team in the near future.

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