Aptos airdrop criteria for 2nd drop

  • Project Name / aptos
  • Project Description:Aptos is a Layer 1 blockchain platform created on the Move programming language and is founded by the core members of Facebook’s Diem team. The platform has gone the extra mile by implementing a newly constructed proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain model. This model is specifically designed to address the challenges commonly encountered in the L1 market.

Thanks to its advanced architecture and forward-thinking approach, Aptos provides a secure and scalable ecosystem. In Aptos, validators are selected based on their stake weight, which not only enhances overall performance but also promotes decentralization. This ensures that the platform remains robust and resilient. Rest assured, Aptos has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its utmost security.

The total supply of Aptos tokens is a whopping 1,033,725,049 . A significant portion of the supply, specifically 51.02%, has been allocated for the community. That means the community gets a major say in the Aptos ecosystem. In the first round of airdrops, 2% of the tokens, which amounts to a generous 20 million tokens, were distributed among 110,235 eligible addresses. There might be another chance for an airdrop in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for Aptos Airdrop Round 2 .

How to participate in the next Aptos airdrop?

While the official eligibility criteria for the Aptos airdrop are not disclosed just yet, there are steps you can take to boost your chances of becoming eligible. And the best part? It won’t take up much of your time. Just follow this simple step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Joining the Forum and Interact

  1. Visit the Aptos Forum website by clicking here – Aptos Forum
  2. On the top right corner select “Log in” and choose the medium through which you would wish to join the platform
  3. You can choose to sign in with either Discord, Google, or GitHub. For the purpose of this article, we will use Google Sign in
  4. Select the option and choose the account with which you want to log in
  5. Now under the username option enter whatever you would like your username to be
  6. Read and agree to the Aptos Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and select continue
  7. Once you have joined the Forum start interacting with the platform as much as possible

Step 2: Create a Martian Wallet

  1. Download the Chrome extension wallet using this link
  2. Click on Add to Chrome followed by Add extension
  3. Now click on martian wallet under Chrome extensions
  4. After that, a new web page will open where you will have to click on Create a new wallet
  5. Read and accept the privacy policy
  6. Create a password and confirm it.
  7. Select Continue.
  8. Now you will be given a seed phrase that you have to store carefully and never share with anyone
  9. Again click on continue
  10. Choose your notification setting and choose to continue
  11. Click on Finish
  12. Now your wallet will be all set up
  13. Do some swap on Aptos as well as on the SUI network

Step 3: Create a Pontem Wallet

  1. Download the extension on your Chrome browser by clicking here
  2. Click on Add to Chrome followed by Add extension
  3. Now click on Pontem wallet under the Chrome extension
  4. Click on Create Wallet
  5. Create a strong password that has low predictability
  6. Click on Create
  7. Once your wallet is created click on Finish to complete the process
  8. After the wallet is created click on the resolve to find your seed phrase. This phrase is the only way to recover your account and must not be shared with anyone
  9. Perform swap, bridge and stake

Step 4: Create Multiple Aptos wallet

There are multiple Aptos wallet. Petra, Martian are some of the popular Aptos wallets. You can find the complete list here –

Best Aptos Wallets: Where to store you Aptos Coin?

Apart from the Aptos wallets mentioned above, download two more wallets. You can find the names and links of these wallets below:

Step 5: Interact with NFT Marketplaces

Join and interact with some Aptos NFT marketplaces. Following is a list of our top picks


Right now, the Testnet version of BlueMove is rocking some seriously exciting features. You can actually create your very own BlueMove NFT Collection! You also have the opportunity to buy and sell those exclusive whitelisted NFT collections. Their native token is already trading at a sweet $0.075. So, go ahead and connect your wallet to the platform and Start buying and selling a few NFTs


On Topaz, You can not only discover, but also trade those fancy non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Oh, and there’s more! Topaz has this super cool feature called the Launchpad. It’s like a special lane for NFT owners to showcase their digital goodies to a wider audience in the buzzing NFT market on Aptos. By the way, they don’t have their own token yet, but you can definitely get in on buying and selling NFTs.


Souffl3 just secured a cool $2 million in a Seed Round! They’ve got this three-day community verification program in place to keep fraud at bay. There’s also a withdrawal limit of only 10% of the first day’s sales, while the rest of the funds are locked up for ten days. In fact, Souffl3’s will be released soon, so get ready for some buy-sell action right here.

Step 6: Join the Aptos Names platform and Interact

  1. Visit the Aptos Names website by clicking on www.aptosnames.com
  2. On the top right corner select “connect wallet” and choose the wallet through which you would wish to join the platform
  3. Click on the wallet of your choice.
  4. Enter the password to unlock the wallet
  5. Click on Approve once you have read all the terms and conditions.
  6. After that authorize the pop ups from your wallet and switch the network
  7. Under “Your Aptos identity starts here” enter your domain name. A mix of alphabets and digits costs you a smaller domain fee
  8. Then click on Register
  9. once you have joined the platform you can start using it as much as possible

Step 7: Use the Aptos Bridge

  1. Visit the official website of Aptos Bridge.
  2. On the top right corner select connect wallet and choose the wallet you would like to link with the bridge
  3. Once you have approved all the pop ups from your wallet, it will be connected to the platform.
  4. In the upper “from” section and in the lower “to” section select the networks
  5. Then select the kind and amount of tokens that you wish to bridge
  6. Click on Transfer
  7. Approve all the pop ups and your funds would be bridged

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