Aptos airdrop 2nd phase

Can anyone explain the Criteria for an Aptos 2nd airdrop?


so there are no such criteria, so far there are no specifics either
be active on the network, swap tokens, use the bridge, trade NFT, be active every day on the forum itself.
If you need a more detailed answer, look for it on the site , there are many posts written there, find what interests you
If you find it difficult to understand, you can write to me, I will help. All the best


What makes you think there will be a second phase of airdrop? It seems to me that the project team did not say anything about it anywhere. Anyway, just be active online, participate in different events and if there will be a drop, you will definitely get on the list


No one knows the criteria, we keep doing everything, hopefully we can be lucky

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No one knows yet,just be active in the ecosystem.

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Exactly brother

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Yeah buddy.