APTOS airdrop 2 raund

My friends, many people agree that 2024 will be the year of airdrop and LP.
The latest airdrop by JTO was talked about a lot. If a project wants to make a splash in the 2024 bull, it needs to do this.
So what will APTOS do at this point?
It made a huge impact with its first airdrop and reached a stable figure.
There is currently a larger amount allocated than the first airdrop. There is an opinion that this will be a fair distribution to platform users.
So where are we at this point?
Communicate more with the ecosystem and increase your earning rate. Don’t forget that in the first airdrop, he earned good income in just a few clicks.
Do what is necessary for yourself and for the future of APTOS, and let’s take this ecosystem to the place it deserves.
Stay with love…