Aptos Airdrop 2, Position yourself

Aptos is the 2022 FOMO, distributing a lot of money for NFT minting in the testnet (~$2000 per account).

They’ve only given away a mere 2% of their tokens and the tokenomics indicates that 51% is allocated for rewards.

Check out the activities below to earn the next airdrop👇

  1. Aptos Forum (Here)
  2. Making Swaps on Dexes e.g Aptosswap, Hipposwap, liquid swap i.e partners of aptos
  3. Getting an Aptos Domain name
  4. Interacting and buying NFTs on Souffle3, Bluemove, Topaz, etc
  5. Bridging with AptosBridge

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How to get Aptos domain