Aptos Academy and DoDAO

DoDAO is an educational and onboarding platform for Web3. Rather than building Aptos Academy application from scratch, we can use DoDAO for it.

Will be happy to update or and new functionality based on your inputs

Here is a 2 min demo

@spacetraveler3020 already submitted an excellent proposal for Aptos Academy ([Proposal] Aptos Academy (Open Community Proposal)). So we can use the process outlined in the proposal and use DoDAO as the platform.

Would want to know your inputs. Thanks :smiley:


:+1: Exciting times ahead!
Thanks for sharing this proposal!


I 'm very interested to see what happens next ! I can only wish you good luck !

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Thanks @nikolajchik :slight_smile: !

Really interested to see the future of this project!

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This it is very interesting, I will follow further updates. Thanks

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Thanks @nono99!

Thanks @andrii777