Aptos 2nd drop 💧

Will it be possible to see aptos Airdrop 2? I missed the first one, I don’t want to miss the next. So what do you think?


Possibly yeah it is… but you may never know


According to the whitepaper, 51% for the community, and thats yet to be distributed. We have to be active around the ecosystem then wait and see


please, I need 2nd lol


Well i guess it is time to find that out, haha

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I think like this also, let us just focus and hope


Hopium shouldn’t kill us sha :sweat_smile:.

Yeah i agree, did you missed the first drop as well?

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I missed :smiling_face_with_tear:
I hope I should be eligible if they should be another

I missed the first one too…I hope I qualify for the second

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Yeah me too, coped hard back then haha :joy:, am here with the hopes for the second drop

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No regrets though. I hope if they should be next, we won’t be exempted.

You’re wise :wink:

Aptos have a great community, they will build the future :partying_face:

No one knows if the drop is gonn come or not

how do i become an active user on here?? do i have to farm the ecosystem with funds or be active within the commuinity?? or a combination of both? what are your thoughts?

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hoping for the best ^^

Yeah, that’s the spirit :blush:

It’s just possible that staying more engaged with the program might be a better opportunity

I really don’t know. But if it won’t cause you nothing to be active, why not just be active?