Aptos 2次空投详细教程 ,错过第一次 不要错过第二次

Aptos team aims to bring adoption to web3 and empower an ecosystem of decentralized apps to solve users’ actual issues. The blockchain could reach a theoretical transaction bandwidth of over 150 thousand TPS via parallel implementation.

Missed out on the First $APT airdrop? It looks like the Aptos 2nd Round Airdrop is coming! :face_with_monocle::facepunch:

Seems like Aptos only airdropped about 3% of the total 51% of tokens meant for the community, which is crazy!

There’s still a whopping sum of $APT 480 million tokens remaining, which will be made available to the community.

There are several badges to collect depending on the actions taken within the Aptos community.

• Visit the link below : Aptos

• Log in and use the same account used for aptos airdrop v1.
• If you missed the first round … Then, create a new one.

• You will have to try to collect all the badges one by one.

• The idea is to interact as much as possible with the community through this board, ask, react, create, shares, feedback etc.

Interact with the Ecosystem DApps

• In addition to badges, participate in the ecosystem and manipulate the aptos network.
• You can find most of the protocols built on Aptos here : aptos.systems

More updates about this subject will be coming !

Activate the :bell: to not miss it :eyes:


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