APToons - A collection of 5,000 random cartoons living on Aptos


A collection of 5,000 random cartoons living on Aptos.


Welcome to our first post on AptosLabs.

Introducing the latest NFT project, where our art is based on random cartoon designs and is hosted on the Aptos blockchain.

We’re launching a new NFT project called “APToons” that’s going to change the game for Digital Ownership on the Aptos blockchain.

This collection features a range of beloved characters, each beautifully rendered and available as a unique, one-of-a-kind NFT.

With our user-friendly platform and secure blockchain technology, owning and trading these NFTs will be easy and safe.

Each asset will be verified on the blockchain to ensure authenticity and scarcity.

They will also be usable in a variety of digital experiences, such as gaming and virtual worlds.

Join us on our journey to bring these timeless characters to life in the digital world.

We’re working hard to make this project a success, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, check out our website and social media channels to learn more about APToons and the exciting world of NFTs.

Initial Roadmap

Not to be confused with a full roadmap. These are our first steps of many to come.

  • Finish APToons artwork

  • Release on Aptos Testnet (Limited collection)

  • Summarise tokenomics

  • Treasury

  • Create incentive for testnet users

  • Whitelisting giveaway

  • Form Aptos Partnerships. We vow to create a unique 1/1 artwork for each partnership before launch.

    • We have already made a concept toon for MAVRIK. This can be seen our twitter.
  • Doxxed Team

  • Locked funds

  • Staking smart contract

  • Mint site OR official Aptos launchpad

  • Airdrops from royalties, paid in the native $APT

  • Discover Aptos - Discover trusted Aptos projects. This is hosted on our website. In this, you will trusted marketplaces, apps and projects. Currently a work-in-progress and we’re trying to discover and verify new projects.

About the Art

  • 5,000 Collection Size
  • 3.5% Royalties
  • 6 Properties | 200+ Traits
  • 1/1 Designs
  • Main Types:
    • APToon Citizen
    • APToon Ape (Inspired by: Bored Apetos YC + Apetos Monkeys)
    • APToon Bear (Inspired by: Bruh Bears + Aptos Bearables)


Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and releases.

We’re only allowed to post 2 links and 1 image in this post. Please visit Twitter to discover the artwork as we keep this up-to-date.


art look so good


Nicei think it would be good!!!

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Good luck to your project! Looks really not bad. Maybe I’ll mint one or buy on second market.

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Thank you everybody for your support. We will continue with our hard work :rocket:

Hello to those that are following our journey. The week has finished and we’ve been busy throughout it.

We are currently developing an Slot Machine app, AptosReels. The frontend to this has been created. You can currently connect your wallet on the Aptos testnet network to view your testnet balance and play a demo. The site contains no transactions in-or-out yet as we’re now creating the smart contract for this.

We have also created 3 1:1 designs for other Aptos projects, Topaz Marketplace + MAVRIK + Aptos Ape Club, and these can be viewed on Twitter and our website.

We’re looking forward to the future of Aptos and APToons.

Please follow our Twitter to stay up-to-date with all our work.

We’ve been adding 1:1 designs created for other Aptos projects, can you spot them one :eyes:

APToons is linking up with Aptos Ape Club to host a giveaway.

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random things but its good news!