APTONIANS - NFT | For Aptos Early Adopters |

Project Name

Aptonians, an NFT project

Our Twitter.

Project Description :

Aptonians is a collection made for early Aptos adopters.

We are inspired by
the Aptos technology and the Power of the Aptos community :raised_hands: :muscle:

We gonna give the badge of honor to all people that join the Aptos blockchain at this stage and find their place in the Aptonians family.

Aptonians NFT collection planning to unite projects, influencers, developers, and users around the Aptos blockchain and make it big.


You’re welcome to the Aptos ecosystem :gem:


Welcome to the ever growing Aptos ecosystem :fire:


Welcome to the amazing ecosystem

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When do we know we have arrived ? Do you have timelines for this task ?

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I will go ahead and share this on my twitter

dave e
Aptos, East Africa

Very good art Art :heart_eyes: will follow you. Collection seems strong :slightly_smiling_face:

Woah. You are growing fast :heart_eyes Hope will be able to join your WL and will get my @aptonians NFT

Welcome to aptos ecosystem

Its amazing :heart_eyes:

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how to mint aptonians nft

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It looks like it doesn’t work yet. I couldn’t do it. After installing the wallet and connecting it I clicked on “Claim” and got this message:
As it was just created it’s impossible to have anything.

(I’m talking about this offer: Claim your Aptos Testnet NFT)

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Looking nice :star_struck: Really your art style