APTOIDZ - Your ecosystem builder

Greetings all, this is Voodik. I won’t torment you, I’ll get right to the point

Project name – APTOIDZ :robot:
APTOIDZ aims to build the Aptos Ecosystem

ROADMAP :motorway:

Stage Zero - Foundation :globe_with_meridians:

Zero because it is the foundation of the entire project, and as we know, if a house has a bad foundation, it will not last long. To this stage should be treated with unprecedented care and do not miss a single flaw.

The zero stage consists of recruiting a team and collecting investments, creating a Twitter project, discord, and then opening to the public.

Stage One - Trust :handshake:

There are three things to start working on at once:

  1. NFT Collection
  2. Marketing
  3. Small project

Small project - a burner tokens/NFT device or something similarly simple that doesn’t cost a lot (I didn’t spend much time on this, I didn’t check the information, maybe something like this already exists, in general I will look into this issue in more detail if I see support from the Aptos community).

What is it for?

As you know, no one is interested in “empty” collections anymore, and as soon as we do at least a little work that shows that we are really doing something and that we have not only words but also actions, people will start to believe in our project.

Marketing - I think everyone knows that the Aptos ecosystem is still very raw. And so now I’m revealing the main goal of my project - to attract people. Now is a better time to do that. Solana is getting weaker by the day, a huge number of people who were earning on Solana are looking for other blockchains.

You will say: “They will go to ETH, Aptos will not be able to stand up to this giant.”

And I answer: “ETH ~ $1,200, the network commission is very biting, it will push some people away, other blockchains are still out of competition with Aptos, if everything is not done now to make Aptos take the former place of SOL, it will never take it.”

So how am I going to attract people to Aptos?

We don’t need to invent anything complicated. The usual collaborations with other blockchain projects will be enough, because with our example we will show that Aptos is not dead. A little later I will explain why I am so confident in my collection.

It is imperative that the mint collection be AFTER the “Little Project” goes public. By doing so, the FP of the collection is likely to stabilize either equal to MP or higher.

Early information about the MP, Supply collection

It is presumptuous to do MP - FREE, since the project is at an early stage and there may be difficult days for it, but the advantage of FREE MINT will be that people will not stop the distrust of the project, as with FREE MINT they do not lose anything. If i do a free mint, the supply will be increased, but assessing all the risks, I think in the neighborhood of 5k-8k. It is very dangerous to rely only on the % of the collection volume.

I’m still leaning towards MP around $10 (at the time of writing this “article” ~ 3 APT) and supply around 3k-4k. Fixed profit from soldout as well as commission from each NFT sale (no more than 5%) financially will ensure the project to move to the second stage.

The collection itself will be elite robots in 2D style, right away I say that it is planned to make 2 collections. The second collection will definitely be free mint, it will have the same robots, but not elite, but with flaws, or just working class.

Second stage - Construction :building_construction:

In the second stage, immediately after the soldout collection, the construction of the first major project will begin - a site for collaboration projects.

I tell you how it will work. One project gives some wl to another project, the projects should register their collaboration on our site, it will be possible to arrange both raffle and fcfs. The project that wants to get wl in another project, must specify the role of its server, so that people who have this role can participate in raffle/fcfs.

This solves all the problems of the fraudulent kind of getting wl in projects, since raffle/fcfs wl through an intermediary is knowingly the right idea.

In turn the usual user of the site will bind the address of his Aptos purse, discord, twitter during registration. All roles will be given out automatically.

The plan is to make the site absolutely free for projects, but of course if APTOIDZ is in a bad financial situation, we will charge projects to use our services. For the average person the site will definitely be absolutely free, I think everyone understands that.

Why will projects use our site?

I have already outlined the problems that our site will solve. Well consider 2 variants of events for the project. There are 100 wl. The project will not hesitate to choose exactly 100 people deserving this wl, rather than 10 people and each with 9 accounts, which have wl. First, because if a person with 10 accounts, where there is wl, change your mind to do a mint, the project will lose 10 potential buyers, not one. This could easily have a domino effect, which will lead to irreversible consequences. I hope I explained clearly why the Aptos network needs such a site.

Stage three - Strengthening financial positions :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The third stage can go in parallel with the second

Until this time, our collection holders have not received any benefits or bonuses. And in the third stage we are fixing that.

Again, it all depends on which collection will be launched first, I still think launching the first collection "Elite droids" would be the right choice, but more risky

Every Elite Droids Collection Holder will get an opportunity to participate in raffle/fcfs on wl to absolutely any project on Aptos. By the transition to the third stage our project will become one of the most recognizable projects on Aptos, so for other projects cooperation with us will be profitable for them, so access to wl of any project will be easy for us. We, in turn, are also benefiting. Projects will have to register on our site for us to agree to cooperation, thus our site becomes the main place of collaboration for all projects. Are the holders happy? Yes! We are happy? Yes!

The launch of the second collection and the subsequent mint. This is the time for the “Working Droids” collection. The collection will be free mint (again, in the dire financial situation MP is very possible) at a supply of 10k and a commission of 5%. We will already have the trust of the community - soldout is ensured. And right after soldout I will announce that there will be a staking NFT second collection. Yes, yes, we will have our own token.

What do we have at the end of the third stage?

  1. Two NFT collections, each with a volume(24 hours) of at least 1,000 APTs. I understand that at the current APT price, it’s not much, but what if the APT goes up?

  2. Owning your own token is another type of income for our project, as well as for holders.

  3. No fraudulent types of obtaining wl - strengthening the Aptos community, as well as increasing trust in the ecosystem.

With all this in place, we can proceed to the fourth stage of the project.

Stage four - “Hospital” of Aptos ecosystem :hospital:

Let’s ask ourselves together, what is the problem on every blockchain? Rug, scum, and projects that are honest but have failed to meet their goals(Bankrupts). How much money do the investors who invested their money in these projects lose, and how not to mention the regular people who lose their money on this. It’s also bad for the ecosystem as a whole(when there are more failed collections than successful ones)

How can we prevent it?
I don’t think we can prevent it. But, I suggest an alternative:

Aptoidz Hospital - the purpose of which is to protect the money of people and investors. Aptoidz Hospital will recruit founders (proven, with experience) and buy projects that failed to realize their goals (if the project idea seems interesting to us or necessary for the Aptos ecosystem). Our proven founder takes the place of the previous one. Our founder announces a “derug” collection and starts working on the idea of his project. Our profit is that we will take a certain percentage of the project’s income (not only from the collection, but also from the project idea itself)

A website will be developed for anyone wishing to invest in projects with which we will cooperate (that is, projects that already have our founders)

At any given time, we will publish a list of projects that we will help.

At this stage we are getting huge support for the whole Aptos ecosystem, as well as full completion of the ecosystem construction, because Aptos will become the most convenient blockchain for creating projects. Reducing the number of scams and increasing the number of successful projects will bring a huge number of people to Aptos, which in turn will lead to an increase in the price of the coin, also an increase in blockchain investment and liquidity.

This concludes the project roadmap. :disappointed_relieved:

It’s all very cool and beautifully described, but it’s time to talk about the risks.

RISKS :boom:

Back to stage zero

The project will not be created unless it gathers the first investment and support from the community. Very cruel, but if I don’t see support from people on the Aptos forum, I won’t take on this project, but if somehow I get investment without community support, work on the project will start right away, and vice versa, if I get community support, I’ll do everything to get investment and start work on the project.

Moving on to the first stage

At this stage the biggest risks await us. We will depend a lot on the opinion of the community and the Little Project; I have no doubt that the Little Project will be our face for a while, it needs a lot of attention.

As I said, we will depend on the opinion of the majority. If our marketing and the “Little Project” are a failure, then the mint collection will also be a failure.

How do we solve this problem?

Direct all our energies to our weaknesses. “Little project” needs to be done quickly and well, and marketing needs to have the highest efficiency factor. If done right, the mint can’t fail.

Stage two and three

At the second stage, there is a great risk that our project will simply go bankrupt, because the main earnings will be only from the NFT collection, which is simply not enough for our ambitions. The third stage will come to the rescue. A series of announcements about our plans will lead to the growth of FP and volume collection. At a certain stage, it will become clear that the money will run out faster than work on our first big project (the collaboration site), at which point we will begin work on the second collection and announce that the second collection will have staking.

It all sounds very good, but is it really?

Let us look at our project from the perspective of a normal user. The project launches a mint collection after the release of a small work, then feeds promises that everything will be fine, that there is work on the site for collaborations, and announces the launch of the second collection without any finished work.

From the buyer’s point of view our project looks like a standard scam. We have not done anything worthwhile, yet we are already launching the second NFT collection. Not good.

The mint of the second collection may not meet our expectations and we will waste our resources on it. Asking investors for money makes no sense either, we will look like a scam in their eyes.

The solution to this problem is not to create a second collection and staking it, but to abandon the second collection (until a better time) and staking on the first collection. Immediately after we create our token and start staking NFT, we will announce the second collection of our project, which will have no staking, but the holders of this collection will get a chance to get wl into any project that registered on our site.

Stage four

At the fourth stage, the project should have no financial problems, the project is already firmly on its feet. If the fourth stage is successful, our two collections will become the most popular on Aptos.

Do not forget that there are risks always and everywhere. I can’t tell you for sure, maybe Aptos will not have time to show its best side, and my project will never reach stage 4, but I believe that we can succeed.

I also want to note that the name of the project and its subject (droids) are just sketches and can be easily replaced with alternatives. I just wanted to convey the essence of my project, its goals and objectives, its assistance to the Aptos ecosystem.

The End :clock12:

Until recently, I remained anonymous in the cryptocurrency space, but now I am ready to share my Twitter so that you can contact me.

Twitter: Voodik

Congratulations to all who have read to this point. Happy New Year! Don’t forget to like it. :heart:

Voodik was in touch, until new meetings, a lot of work has been done, more needs to be done, I hope for your support. :wave:


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