APT Tokenomics Overview

Hello guys, I have a question;

The founders distributed 125 million APT. They wrote that they will continue to distribute monthly for the next 120 months. So they need to distribute 32 million APT monthly from the remaining share for the community. Will this happen?


communities are project developers and projects are building on the ecosystem.
The community token part is for projects developing on Aptos and building ideas.
This token part is not for airdrop


Hello dear,

Read this part again:

Distribution Schedule for Core Contributors and Investors

All investors and current core contributors are subject to a four-year lock-up schedule, excluding staking rewards if applicable, from mainnet launch that unlocks according to the following schedule:

  • No APT available for the first twelve months
  • 3/48ths of such tokens unlock on the 13th month after mainnet launch and each month thereafter up to and including the 18th month
  • 1/48th of the tokens unlock each month thereafter beginning on the 19th month after mainnet launch so that all such tokens are unlocked on the four-year anniversary of mainnet launch
  • 1/120 of the remaining tokens for the community and the Foundation are anticipated to unlock each month for the next 10 years

Community is happy :stuck_out_tongue:

According to the team the airdrop will be distributed in batches, timely and in the next foreseeable future


510m token for airdrop, hope

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