APT Tokenomics & Circulating Supply

As far as I can tell, Aptos (APT) will be listing on Binance tomorrow even though nothing is known yet about how many of these tokens there will be: or even how many there are now. The white paper dated just two months ago still says only:

A native Aptos token will be used for transaction and network fees, governance voting on protocol upgrades and on-chain/off-chain processes, and securing the blockchain via a proof-of-stake model. A complete description of Aptos token economics will follow in a future publication. [emphasis my own]

Of course if this “future publication” is out now then I pray someone will post it here. I realise this is mostly a cheerleading community on the Forum & Telegram and therefore I’m inviting flame-throwing by even suggesting this publication should have been released before listing APT on the largest crypto exchange in the world.

But if that tokenomics data, with present and future supply, are available now I would conversely say that this listing on Binance is a unique speculation opportunity with life-changing potential for investors of any calibre. Otherwise… especially without any plan or history of an initial sale… it’s just a coin flipping opportunity for AIT participants to bet on the Brownian motion of a randomly fluctuating asset of unknown quantity.

I remember when the AIT was launched that initial supporters were to be paid in increments of 500 APT, which surprised me because there was at that time no way to determine whether this reward was adequate for the demanding work they expected of us, whether it would even pay for node infrastructure, etc.

But even if the only APT tokens that will trade on the Binance markets are the ones awarded for AIT participation, there still needs to some notion of total supply: otherwise a population of mostly die-hard supporters of Aptos will be buying and selling at a price according to arbitrary demand without any idea what the tokens might be worth in the long term.

If I were an investor of any size I would keep my powder dry & simply observe what happens on Binance tomorrow if there is still no Tokenomics publication or data at the time of listing. But as soon as that paper & data are confirmed, my friends and I are sure to be there with all guns blazing. :cowboy_hat_face:


This is the latest (and only) release in (the brand new stream) Aptos Currents - not as widely circulated as the Binance listing which at this time still shows no token supply:

… visible thanks to this article (in a critical tone, so obviously not a timed press release):

Given the timestamps above & the time zone of Palo Alto, USA it’s likely the tokenomics document was released about the same time as the Binance announcement: perhaps slightly afterward.


Good luck and success

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thanks @khalid66 … p.s. everybody watch out for a scam message circulating on Telegram which offers an APT token on PancakeSwap… both the token & the announcement are fake.

The plausibility of this fake is another example why a coordinated release of tokenomics & logistic details should be coordinated well in advance with anything as dramatic as a major exchange listing.

The Aptos community has been waiting a long time for this release which can be a bad thing as well as a good one: sudden, poorly documented changes are opportunities for scams, speculation losses, and other collateral damage.

I would happily hear what the Aptos Team has to say about the timing of the token listing & tokenomics release to see how these were of any benefit to the Aptos project & community. :pray:


Great writeup! Keep it up mate

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