APT price prediction

Guys, I have a suggestion :slight_smile:
Let’s have a little fun, and at the same time let’s test our intuition?
You’ve all seen the $10 APT token. That’s awesome. Especially considering the volatility of the cryptocurrency market right now! But!
How much do you think the coin will be worth in the future?

I offer the opinion that it will go up to the $8 mark by the end of this year.
What do you think? Write your thoughts and predictions below.
Let’s see who will be right? :wink:

A lot of the same posts on teamt prediction have already appeared on the forum, maybe it’s better to continue just one thread?

and more :wink:

Hey, thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, I will have to hide this post as we do not allow price discussion. Thank you for understanding. You’re welcome to start a new thread with a new topic. :blush: