APT airdrop and getting it

Hello. About the airdrop. I received an email confirming that I received the airdrop. But connecting via PETRA wallet gives me an error and 0 tokens on the account. What to do?


Hi there, you can use the faucet on the page to get some APT, Faucet

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I blocked after receiving 0.025 APT from the faucet, the page shows me my account still not have sufficient balance.


hi r blesegood

i have completed an application for an Aptos incentivized Testnet. I have been waiting for receiving the airdrop via email. We request you kindly update so.

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What about creating martian wallet is there any airdrop


I have aptos zero nft in petra wallet but i can’t mint apt airdrop?


lütfen APT kazandım maili atar mısınız? testnette herşeyi yaptım.


hi … i have 200 APT in testnet … what can i do with it ?
i mean whats the utility of the testnet tokens ?
i know its a stupid question , but i need a honest answer