ApStation Decentralized platform for launching your own NFT


Decentralized platform for launching your own NFT
collections on the Aptos blockchain. We plan to integrate other chains in the future

We have combined all the modern, revolutionary
technologies of the NFT sector in our platform.
We offer an easy to use and incredibly promising
product for the general mass of NFT fans

Website: https://apstation.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApStationNFT
Medium: ApStation – Medium
Docs: Introduction - ApStation
Quests Crew3: CREW³ | The #1 operating system for web3 communities
Apply to our beta: ApStation
Tokenomics: Tokenomics - ApStation
Roadmap: Roadmap - ApStation


Testnet Rewards Awards allocated to active participants in the testnet, which is scheduled for Q1 2023.

Exchange Liquidity Tokens to provide liquidity to exchanges and dexs on which our token will be traded.

Bounties Rewards for participants in events and special events within the project.

Contributors Tokens allocated to people who have contributed to the development of the project.

DAO Distribution that will take place for all activities within the DAO.

Partners Tokens for marketing and partnership funds.

Community Dedicated tokens to keep the project community active and encouraged.

Staking A reserved long-term allocation of tokens for project contributors.

Ecosystem These tokens will be used for ecosystem-building endeavors, including further marketing, business development, brand awareness and etc.

Strategic Investors Dedicated tokens to investors and early supporters to the project.

Founders Tokens allocated to the ApStation team.


well I believe because this is a good project and a good start let’s join together and have fun together


Ohoho, another interesting project! Thanks for the information! :+1:

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Website isnt working.


Just checked the site is working

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Aptos all the way, just usually excited with all innovation project coming out from the chain :link::heart::heart:

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Surely and smoothly


Welcome and thanks for sharing this with the community



2022 Q2

  • Writing a complete project concept

  • Team recruitment

  • The first fundraiser

2022 Q3

  • Creating a main website

  • Writing complete documentation

  • Work on building a marketing department

  • Publishing tokenomics

2022 Q4

  • Creating and developing the project’s social media

  • Opening the bounty program to early adopters

  • Partnerships with leading projects on Aptos

  • The second fundraiser

2023 Q1

  • Starting a “Preemie” Testnet

  • Launch of the Ambassador Program

  • Launch Mainnet

  • ASN Staking

2023 Q2

  • Adding new chains

  • Launch NFT Marketplace

  • The general fundraiser


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Platform Functionality

We have conducted surveys on a large number of people and analyzed many shortcomings with our reserch department. Collecting all the best and most comfortable conditions for users on our platform:

• Launch your own NFT collection
• Mint NFT collections
• Voting
• Staking

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I am very happy to be a part of this project. I think the project has a bright future, good luck to the developers!

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