Anyone can start a business with AI for $0:

Use the tools below :arrow_down:
Add @ in front on Twitter to get their official handles.

Design - canva
Sales - HivoeHQ
SOP’s - Tango_HQ
Logo - LogoliveryAI
Payment - gumroad
Systems - NotionHQ
Name - lookadesign
Website - 10Web_io
Launch - ProductHunt
Support - CommandBar


gumroad expensive to use


That was sooo helpful thank you for those informations !


Thanks for sharing those cool tools. Starting a business with AI for free? That’s awesome! When it’s time to handle payments, Gumroad is the way to go. It’s smooth like butter. For systems management, NotionHQ is clutch. It’ll keep everything on point, no cap. And for a catchy business name, lookadesign is dope! Also, don’t forget to use the seo analizer from this website. It’s the real deal for boosting your website’s visibility. They can help you increase your online presence and bring way more people to the website. Alright, keep hustlin’ and slay those goals, bro!