Another potential Aidrops spot ,pls don't fade (Bondex Origin)

If you miss Aptos, here’s another chance this year, this bondex will go live soon (Q2-Q3, 2023)

If you’re yet to register be quick👇

Bondex Origin will be the First project creating web remote Jon hunt platform for crypto enthusiast. Through bondex you can earn Coin and still secure remote job, is that not amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Let me quickly talk about the supply, TGE, Aidrop distribution :point_down:

:heavy_plus_sign: Total Supply: 500million
:heavy_plus_sign: %20 released when launch for miners :moneybag::money_mouth_face:

Before you ignore this project, let me remind you that Binance (CZ) support this project and Bondex team are from Binance.

The project is set to be launch Q2 or Q3 (2023), seriously we all have enough time to mine more , don’t forget their is Time to plant :shamrock: and time to harvest