Another one type of SCAM, be careful!

I saw an interesting way of deception today.
You probably already know, but if not - be careful! :point_up:

So, under some pretext, they can show you a seed phrase (or import key) to the wallet and some significant balance on it (in my case, 100,000 USDT). See picture.

You connect the wallet (and most likely you will even see this amount there), in my case it is empty and there was no money (judging by the etherscan). But the essence of the scam is to show you a significant amount on the wallet to which you were given access through a seed phrase (12 or 24 words) or an import key (a set of numbers and letters).

The idea of this scam is that you want to withdraw this amount from the wallet on your own, but for this you need a native blockchain token (the one that is needed for transaction fees, for example, in Ethereum it is ETH). And he’s not there! It is obvious that you need to transfer this token to this wallet, and here it seems to be a scam, in which, when you add a token to the wallet, it is immediately debited (it seems to be prescribed in a smart contract).

In general, everyone who transfers native tokens there loses them, they are simply written off to the scammer!

So don’t be fooled by this method!!!

PS: Maybe I didn’t quite understand the details of the deception - please complete me, it is important that we all be PROTECTED using all the possibilities of the blockchain!


This is an old scam. You correctly said that you see a large amount, but in order to withdraw, you need to replenish your account for a commission. As soon as the money falls into the wallet, they are immediately sent to another. Be careful


THX bro. its understood, 2 be careful with seed f.


Thank you bro for helpfull info