Another Aptos Airdrop on the way?

Aptos Airdrop 2 is on the horizon, and the Aptos Team is preparing to release a fresh batch of tokens very soon. There have been whispers of another airdrop in the works, so staying engaged and active in this space is highly recommended!

Consider this: They might distribute 150 Aptos tokens (equivalent to $1500-$6000) to each of 100,000 individuals, with the only requirement being the minting of a testnet NFT. It’s safe to say that merely staying active here could position you favorably for the upcoming second drop.

Those with available funds can make use of the official Aptos Bridge by LayerZero. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to explore the marketplace for NFT purchases and even consider securing a domain name.

In addition, it’s worth noting that Aptos still has a substantial number of tokens earmarked for the community. They have pledged to distribute these tokens to those actively participating and engaged within the community ecosystem. So, the opportunities for token rewards and involvement are far from over.


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