Anon did you inscribe the people's ally?

In addition to the People’s Ally inscription… I want to use this opportunity to tell y’all who participated that “Congratulations” why??? Because this inscription is not the ordinary ones we use to see;

:white_check_mark: There are over 50 protocols that come together as one to make this thing happen and there valuation is appr. $10B

:white_check_mark: Out of those 50 protocols, almost 30 of them are tokenless and the inscriptions will play a crucial role in making you eligible for the Airdrop in the future… (Some of them have already announced token… Dmail is the one I remember)

:white_check_mark: If you are farming linea and you mint over 100k ally, then be rest assured you have gained additional 150 LXP which will be claimable straight from Monday

:white_check_mark: Believe me, you can choose to paperhand your $Ally today, but you will regret it later so my best advice is for you to hold on to it till Valhalla

:white_check_mark: Finally, People’s Alliance has just today announce it’s own launch pool, which will be the main driving force to see the full potential of $ALLY

N.B : this is NFA, so the ball is in your court and all this is only for those that minted it in the first place so see you at the top


yes inscribed a little bit more than 100k


Yeah that’s equally good


Can one still do it?

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