An NFT ticketing platform

NFT ticketing platform

  • I have built a simple module where users can host venue, create tickets and allow users to buy tickets.
  • Whenever a user purchases a ticket, a NFT is minted to the buyer which would be the proof of the purchase.
  • The NFT would have complete description about the event.

This is just a simple module and have built to learn more about NFTs and explore them.

But using this I would like to build a platform with a good UI where users can host and buy tickets. I think NFT ticketing has a huge scope and building such a platform on Aptos would be a great thing.

Here is the link to repo: GitHub - dhruvja/aptos-nft-ticket: A simple module which would mint an NFT to the user whenever they purchase a ticket.

Would love to hear reviews or any suggestions about the above module. Would also love to team up with people who would be interested in building the complete platform with me.

Thank you.


Interesting idea, NFT is very good for collectors.


Well done . This is unique stuff


Well done for communing up with such a brilliant idea on Aptos. The people incharge of project checking are definitely seeing this. They will provide necessary support when needed.


Thank you so much

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That would be wonderful. My next steps are building an amazing user interface where people would be able to buy and sell the tickets.

Yes I really love that.

How do we use the tickets ?
Pls give some use cases. Thank you

These NFT tickets would prove that the payment is successful and you truly own the tickets. And another thing is that, if the person tries to sell the ticket to someone else ( like in black market or smtg ) , the venue owner would still get some part of it because of the royalty. The platform which would enable this would store the information and enable seamless experience for customers to verify their tickets. They can verify their ticket by signing the message, hereby proving that they own the particular ticket.

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Thanks for that question.

Well explained. :+1::white_check_mark:

Good documentation

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Yes, everything detailed.

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Thank u pal