An approach to the selection of testnet participants

Initiative is always encouraged.

But since I have been active in the field of crypto projects for a long time, knowing the mood of the community, I understand that people like to get something for specific actions. So they know what and how much effort they can spend.

Based on this, I would like to propose to select participants in AIT 4 (since there is not much time to organize something for AIT 3) to conduct a campaign where people will help the project from a technical and marketing point of view, but with specific tasks.

This campaign can be carried out both inside the forum, discord (involving the moderators of the project and the point system of encouragement), and, for example, on such platforms as galaxy with the awarding of community members with various OATs, in the description of which there will be certain actions.

Those who will complete more tasks in a certain period of time and will be elected as a candidate for AIT 4.

In that way, the system of selection of candidates will be changed and a certain diversity will appear, which will entail a new involvement in the project from the community. Also, in my opinion, it will increase the loyalty of the community, because this way people will know what tasks were and how much effort a person was able to spend on completing these tasks. That is, the probability of random selection of participants of the new AIT is practically excluded.

The result of such a campaign:
-increasing the loyalty of the community, due to the specifics of actions,
-increasing the involvement of the community, due to certain campaign tasks,
-increasing the number of the involved community, due to tasks in the campaign.


Vinco, Interesting approach to selection, I definitely support this approach.

It seems to me that it is very relevant, since I have not yet participated in AIT either. I would also be interested in seeing specific metrics or points in order to understand what needs to be done to get into AIT.

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Hi, thanks for supporting the idea. It seems to me that when there are certain conditions, a person understands why he passed or failed the testnet. And if he is not accepted as a participant in the testnet, he will understand what he needs to work on to improve. And, on the contrary, being selected as a testnet participant, a person will understand that he is on the right track, which will give him further development both inside the project and outside it.

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Though am seeing this late it would have been very helpful in understanding how AIT works

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