An AIRDROP that would do well would'nt stress you (FACTS or Just luck)

Okay Arkham just recently airdropped their early supporters and users even those with 0 referals got about $100, That’s right easy money by just signing up with your email.
Whereas some new projects will want you to do million tasks for some cents.
I would like to hear y’all opinion on this.
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Some supposed airdrops are just to farm engagement, IMO.


Fact … the saying Lambo no dey stress


First, nobody forces anyone to participate. It’s all voluntary. In some cases like VENOM it feels more like a paid beta testing and stress testing their infrastructure. I think it’s a convenient way of doing that.

However, where engagement and participation is rewarded I am not sure how sustainable that will be. It’s not real engagement. People do it because of the money not because they want to really engage with the project and that - at least from my personal experience - always backfires.

To provide an example, when you ask people to follow you on social media but they aren’t really interested in the content they will never engage in the future once their incentive (airdrop) is gone. All those inactive/dead followers will destroy your reach because the algorithm thinks nobody engages. Now you have a huge follower count but a dead e.g. twitter account with zero reach.

It’s similar with NFT projects were engagement is rewarded. It’s simply not real and once the rewards stop the engagement will stop. With the added debuff that you have tons of “fake” followers who don’t really care about your product.

A better way to engage people would e.g. be by earn2learn. If done well people may discover how they could personally benefit from the product and build a real relationship. To give you one example: Myself. I am not a blockchain developer/developer but I run wordpress sites with millions of readers. I am good with content. If there were educational opportunities for me to see how I could benefit and leverage using e.g. Aptos on those websites it would create a genuine connection. Discovering how I can use it needs to come from me, but Aptos can educate me about their product so there is a higher liklihood I discover the use case for my product.


Complete fact


Well said bro


Yeah i get your point. Making people know more about the project rather than just faming for incentives


if there’s little to no awareness about an upcoming airdrop, there will be little to no airdrop farmers.

which will in turn make the rewards for the small minority that take part in the airdrop to have higher rewards.

The less participants, the more the rewards


True, bro. You are right


It’s luck though

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Fact, it’s always come in easy way.