AltLayer Launches Celestial Stakers Registration Ahead of Upcoming Airdrop

AltLayer, a blockchain project that aims to accelerate scaling for Web3, has launched registration for its Celestial stakers. The project notified community members via a Medium post that it had completed all the necessary groundwork to facilitate the airdrop of ALT tokens.

According to AltLayer’s post, the airdrop launch follows an earlier announcement on January 23. In the announcement, the project noted that the airdrop aims to reward its early supporters and partners.

AltLayer noted that it has allocated 300,000,000 ALT tokens, equivalent to 3% of the project’s total token supply, for the airdrop. The allocated tokens would be distributed across their NFT holders. The project’s NFTs include the OG Badge and the Oh Ottie! collections. Other beneficiaries of the 3% ALT allocation include ‘Altitude’ campaign participants, EigenLayer restakers, and EigenLayer ecosystem partners.

In the announcement, AltLayer said community members can now register for the Celestial stakers category. Registrants in this group would be eligible to receive part of the 300 million allocated ALT tokens. Altogether, 10% of the allocated airdrop tokens would go to the Celestial community.

AltLayer noted that the Celestial team, the broader community, and other stakeholders have significantly advanced the project. It acknowledged their contributions towards fostering the growth and evolution of the modular ecosystem.

The project noted that it looks forward to the airdrop catalyzing builders and enthusiasts further to champion the ethos of “modularism not maximalism.” It also stated that its goal is to foster an environment to play infinite-sum games and unlock possibilities for collaboration and innovation.


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