✨ Alpha-Packed Week: Exploits, OTC Deals, Rugging, and More!

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:magic_wand: Smart summary:
This week has been full of Alpha, from Defi to Airdrops to AI to State of the market. Curve had huge OTC deals from big Asian players, and MEV rewards hit an all-time high. There were also exploits on Base and Leetswap, and Sushiswap deployed on Base. There are also new projects to watch out for, such as Axiom, GHO farming, Parallax, THE based, and Omnichain LVL staking.

1/ It starts with Curve cascade
The Vyper reentrancy lock issue of old versions were exploited, affecting most Curve pooled protocols; even BNB wasn’t exempted

~70$m was stolen although majority has been refunded by the hacker e.g @JPEGd_69

Exploited Conic raised $1m from Mich

2/ In all these chaos Curve secured huge OTC deals from esp big Asian players e.g Justin Sun

So big players are in. It’s left to Curve to build.

In all these someone things Mich orchestrated the whole thing :sweat_smile:

3/ Who saved the day for Curve?

Founder and team and curve fanned holders

Founder OTC frens

MEVer coffebabe.eth who helped frontrun Hackers two times to secure funds

And in all chaos MEV rewards hit ATH

4/ Asides from OTC deals giga brain Mich had to find alternatives not to get liquidated

And creating crvUSD/fFRAX pool was one

This :thread: will help understand ze pool beta :point_down:t2:

truSTless Abracadabra in bid to protect users tried to make sure Mich paid loans. Vote didn’t pass tho

Thread Link

5/ It was a ruggy week. A week to remember

Curve wasn’t left out, as max exploits occurred on Base too. Leetswap exploited too

$Bald rugged with so many rumors of different alleged Bald devs; even SBF wasn’t exempted :sweat_smile:

6/ Also, it’s funny how 3months ago Bald dev sent a message to Euler $200m exploiter asking for stolen funds back

If you wanna know what really went down in ze BASEment, this :thread: will help out

Thread Link

7/ Sushiswap deploys on Base

8/ Expect huge Vol and TVL on base onwards

Base on-chain Summer will go live August 9

9/ Polygon zkEVM blasts off

Also PolygonZero accuses zksync of copying they Plonky2 code to advance Boojum

10/ State of the Market

Rollbit Team accuses FatManTerra of racism- that is true, pedo - said he dated an underage, nudes, etc all sorts, and being a bad actor generally

Stay Aware!


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Just another week in crypto
What a week