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Subspace Network (Incentivized Testnet)

Recommended Minimum Hardware Setup :

:small_orange_diamond: CPU: 4 Core+
:small_orange_diamond: RAM: 8 GB+
:small_orange_diamond: SWAP: 4 GB
:small_orange_diamond: Storage: 100 GB+ SSD

Full Guide: Gemini III Update: Gemini 3f Non-Incentivized Testnet is LIVE! - Announcements - Subspace Forum


New Web3 Badge is here!

100 Followers: Users who have minted the Web3 ID and have over 100 followers can mint this badge.

Mint here :

Mint start time: 19th-Aug 0:00:00 (UTC+0)

Don’t forget to claim your badge on DeBank✅


join opBNB Odyssey from Testnet to Mainnet campaign!

win $50k airdrop, and experience efficient and secure cross-chain interoperability with zkBridge!


:infinity:Update Scroll Beta Phase — Sepolia Testnet

:arrow_right:We are entering the Beta phase of our journey with the launch of our Sepolia testnet, the final stage before mainnet.

:arrow_right:The improvements for this release fall into three categories:

  • zkEVM upgrades
  • Bridge upgrades
  • Infrastructure upgrades

:arrow_right:Link : Scroll – Native zkEVM Layer 2 for Ethereum

:arrow_right:More Info :


:globe_with_meridians: Zerion Extension: Get Early Access

:parachute: Zerion is a very strong project and is likely to be launching its token. Don’t miss

:arrow_right:Mint Early Access NFT : Claim early access to the Zerion
:green_circle: Connect your Wallet and Mint

:globe_with_meridians: Download the Zerion Extension: Zerion: Wallet for Web3 & NFTs - Chrome Web Store
:green_circle: Import the wallet where you minted the early pass

:heavy_minus_sign: Use the extension for transactions
:heavy_minus_sign: Use their Swap and Bridge features frequently
:heavy_minus_sign: Try to generate a decent volume over a couple of months

:mega:After Getting Early Access Go to Wallet Copy Invite Link And Drop Here To help Others


:trident: Manta Pacific :infinity: IZUMI Finance :heavy_equals_sign: Ecosystem Partners :zap:

go to and make sure that you select the “Manta Pacific Testnet” from the network connection options on the top right.

From there, you can swap Testnet ETH into various tokens available on iZiSwap Alpha.


Mint free NFT

No Gas Fee Just zksync user


Potential Bridge RETROACTIVE AIRDROPS​:sparkles::o:

:rocket: Bungee
:arrow_right: Bridge :
:heavy_minus_sign: Make Volume $100 - $500 ( Medium ) - $1000+ ( High )
:heavy_minus_sign: Bridge 10 Transaction / Month
:heavy_minus_sign: Bridge Multichain

:rocket: LiFi / Jumper
:arrow_right: Bridge :
:heavy_minus_sign: Make Volume $100 - $1000
:heavy_minus_sign: Bridge 10x Every Month
:heavy_minus_sign: Bridge Multichain

:rocket: Layerswap
:arrow_right: Bridge :
:heavy_minus_sign: Bridge ETH to Another Network
:heavy_minus_sign: Bridge 5x - 10x Every Month
:heavy_minus_sign: Per Bridge $10 - $50

:rocket: Rhino
:arrow_right: Link :
:heavy_minus_sign: Swap 5x Every Month
:heavy_minus_sign: Bridge 5x Every Month
:heavy_minus_sign: Multichain Swap & Bridge
:heavy_minus_sign: Add Liquidity ETH / Matic
:heavy_minus_sign: Make Volume $100 - $1000

:rocket: Celer
:arrow_right: Link :
:heavy_minus_sign: Bridge Asset To Multichain
:heavy_minus_sign: Bridge 5x - 10x Every Month
:heavy_minus_sign: Transfer NFT to Another Network
:heavy_minus_sign: Done

Retroactive airdrops requires capital :relieved: So act accordingly


:dog: Taho’s campaign Pools 150,000 OP Rewards

:label: Reward : Raffle

:green_circle: 100K in OP will be equally distributed to everyone who has completed all 3 tasks
:green_circle: 50K in OP For
:green_circle: 1st place Winner: 20,000 OP
:green_circle: 2nd place Winner: 15,000 OP
:green_circle: 3rd place Winner: 5,000 OP
:green_circle: 4th place Winners: 50 participants will receive 200 $OP

:arrow_right:Taho Scroll Taho Scroll by Taho | Galxe

:heavy_minus_sign: Swap a minimum of $10 on the Optimism Network in your Taho wallet

:money_with_wings:Download Wallet Here (Taho - Chrome Web Store)

:arrow_right:Velodrome Backpack Galxe | Galxe

:heavy_minus_sign: Deposit a minimum of $10 on Velodrome for a minimum of 7 days

:arrow_right:Stargate Compass

:heavy_minus_sign: Bridge a minimum of $10 To OP Mainnet on Stargate

:open_book:Details : Prepare For Taho’s New Journey with 150K in OP Rewards


XION Public Testnet Live!

Join here :

Galxe :

Guild: Burnt (XION)

Note : Must Claim OAT & Join Guild For Role :+1:


:ledger:Dappback - 1000 Point For Claim Every 24 Hours

:heavy_check_mark:Download Extension: DappBack: Browse to Earn Rewards - Chrome Web Store

:heavy_minus_sign:Create New Wallet

:heavy_check_mark:Claim Reward: DappBack

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Don’t miss Daily Claim


Planet Tota

OG Perks Campaign

  • Register Planet Tota

  • Submit Email & Username

  • Go to Profil And Complete Telegram Handle & Your Wallet

  • Go to task Menu and Complete All task

  • Earn More XPs to Get Airdrop & WL Upcoming

Submit Here OG Tag - Planet Tota

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:parachute:#COMBO Cobee NFT III Series Mystery Box Task Event is COMING $600k Reward #Airdrop​:parachute:

:fire:Mint the NFT 3 Series Mystery Boxes and bridge them to #opBNB With #PolyHedra

:white_check_mark: This is Series 1 NFT :point_down:t2:

:fuelpump:Claim TCBNB Faucet to pay Gas

:small_blue_diamond:Claim TBNB here: BNB Smart Chain: Faucet

:small_blue_diamond:Bridge your TBNB tokens to TCBNB:

:small_blue_diamond:Mint Mystery Box Here: COMBO

:small_blue_diamond:Click on “Join Now” which redirect to @PolyhedraZK Bridge and Simply bridge to #opBNB chain

:gift:Participants have the chance to win COMBO tokens. Each person stands a chance to receive 0.1 to 10,000 COMBO tokens. The total reward pool amounts to 1 million COMBO tokens.


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