[AIT3] h4ckm1n Validator Node

Hello. I’m a system administrator in France and i have a lot of experience maintaining nodes ( i run a polygon node)

I’m very interested in participating in the AIT3 and I’ve set up a validator node for that purpose on a VPS (8core 16go RAM). Node is running and waiting to connect to the network

Telegram : h4ckm1n
Discord : h4ckm1n#7205


Hey, nice to meet you. To let you know, running a node now doesn’t help. You should wait for the official announcement and then run the node.

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I also really want to follow ait3

Nice to meet you too ! I was running the node because it’s something that i like to do. Node is running and just need to connect to production network :wink:

I would also really like to get in, but I think unfortunately there are too many participants

FullNode : fullnode.h4ckm1n.org
Validator : validator.h4ckm1n.org

8c 32go ram VPS