[AIT2] zuzza911

Hello Aptos community!

My name is Dima,

:white_medium_small_square: I’m a crypto enthusiast since 2017 and a DevOps engineer with 4 y.exp.
:white_medium_small_square: I have good skills in Docker and Linux. For monitoring, I’m using Nagios.
:white_medium_small_square: Recently started learning Python.
:white_medium_small_square: In the last year I’ve set up nodes for the following projects: Aptos, Massa, Pontem, Archway, Subspace and Starknet.

I rent servers on Tier III datacenters. For Aptos I’m running the 16 CPU / 64G / 480 SSD server.
I guarantee the 99,95% node uptime :ok_hand:

Also, I have my YouTube channel where record review videos of testnets and analyze the cyprot market: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvTY9PTYemuuJ7OClQZ2emw

I speak English, German (a bit) Russian, and Ukrainian. Also, I have the cutest baby-corgi in the world -)

Discord: garaschuk#6046