[AIT2] ZIM Validator from Lama Pama Investor 🦙

Hey, I’m Zim from Lama Pama Investor Telegram Channel Telegram: Contact @lama_pama
I’m not a super duper coder, but i was always “that guy who can fix your printer” or help with the system and PC/MACs/Laptops, say typical geek
About a year in nodes and everything about that stuff
I started with Kira Network and still running they node, also was lucky enough to jump in ChainFlip/SSV/IDEP/Umee/Massa/IronFish

I like to test something new and also get new information about everything that related to crypto, science, finance and ofc computers, i have a great writing skills and have my own medium account Zim – Medium

Location - Moscow, Russia
Languages - Russian, English

Will be glad to join your big family, thanks!


Удачи тебе! Надеюсь на твою взаимность

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Так держать :clap: У тебя получится!

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Твой голос видимо не прошел, за тебя проголосовал! Удачи нам!

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Wow that’s amazing