[AIT2] ZIM_ONE (validator)

Greetings to all the participants who care about this project!
Im very glad to see friends and acquaintances among them, and also hope to find new friends and colleagues, cryptofanatics like me personally!

I started working in IT seven years ago with a DBMS, and a year later I discovered blockchain. Ideas and principles that captured my mind forever. After three years, I quit all activities and for the rest of the time I devoted myself only to the crypto industry until today.

During all this time, I have been actively involved in many blockchain projects at various stages, both on the testnet and on the mainnet. (For example, CREA, ETN, 3DC, BEAM, MOAC, GRIN, QKC, NKN, NuCypher, Elrond, Matic, Celo, The Graph, HydraDX, XX Network and some others)

At the moment I am the owner and co-owner of several small gpu and cpu data centers in different cities of Ukraine, which were personally designed and built by my friends and like-minded people.

I really like to try everything new and based on my experience I see a perspective in Aptos.
I would be happy to become a part of this promising startup and support in the early stages and in the mainnet, providing decent support and fault tolerance for my equipment.

Discord - Zim_onE#0869
Telegram - @zim_one
Twiter - @zimone91
Gmail - zimone91@gmail.com


ZIM_ONE is a professional validator with good experience running PoS and mining nodes for the past 4 years. We can easily recommend him for this testnet.

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Professional validator.Markable, my vote for you!


excellent experience and a good set of projects!
I vote for you!

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although I didn’t make it to the second part of the testnet, I hope I will have a chance to get into the third or fourth stage
thanks to everyone who voted for me! :+1: :rocket:

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nice pls keep building

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awesome nice building pls keep doing good

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