[AIT2] zhuling27

I am a ETH miner, but this is my first time to setup node and contribute to the community.
I am from China and I have just come to the web3 world, I did a lot of things within one year like mining, nft, defi, gamefi, setup node, CEX, etc and the key contribution is this aptos node setup.
Now is a bear market, I think blockchain technology will unquestionably change how human interact with each other and I will stick to the end.
For this APTOS node validator setup, I am now renting a ubuntu VPS on the cloud with 5 core Xeon and 8G RAM, the next step is I will try to run another node at my home and try to use the port forward. Still digging the details.
Big thank you for this chance and let me have a chance to improve my pool skill.