[AIT2] ZeroxDon Validator

Why pick my validator?

I have been working in the crypto space since 2014. Over the past year I have been helping maintain and run the Solana Validator for MonkeDAO as well as helping to onboard validators into our DAO Pool. I’m extensively familiar with server management and have been a professional software developer for 8+ years. I mainly focus on C# and the dotnet stack but over the past two years have branched out to Golang and GCP, as well as Rust and now Move. The organization I am running the validator under can be found here https://monkedao.io.

I am located in the Midwest USA and speak English, Spanish and French. You can find me in the Aptos Discord as well as the Solana discord or on Telegram (upon request).

In the coming future I will be doing a deep dive on Aptos and it’s core infrastructure.

Would love to be a validator for a blossoming community!