[AIT2] *******Zakola*******

Hi friends, support me in my endeavors!
My name is Dmitry
A short description, background, experience and main achievements
I am currently living in Russia. I work in IT for more than 15 years.
My first experience was last year. By happy coincidence became a GoldFinch Ambassador, got involved in the process and I liked it. Started to put nodes, participate in testnodes, and help develop projects. Aptos is my first “real” blockchain project that I’ve been involved in since phase one, and I see it as quite interesting from a learning perspective as well. Throughout the year, I’ve been learning about different projects.
Testnets: StarkNet, Subspace, Althea, Celestia, Minima, Forta, IronFish, Massa, Masa.
Also wrote an article: Aptos Node - Zakola - Medium

I am fluent in Russian and English.

You can contact me via Telegram: @Zakola66
If you know me, support me!)

Machine: 4CPU/DDR 8gb/SSD 200Gb/OS ubuntu 20.04