[AIT2] Yuka Validator

Hello, everyone!

I am a frontend dev and node operator with 2+ years of experience with IT company; know docker and k8s. Now I a member of a group of professional developers and experienced node operators. We participate in devnets and testnets of different crypto projects (Celestia, StarkNet, Porta, Umee, KYVE etc.

I also ran a node in Aptos devnet. Now applied for AIT2. It is a good opportunity to practice my skills and help other community members :slight_smile:
Usually I use Hetzner and Contabo cloud servers for testnets.
Machine config.: 4 vCPU / 8 GB RAM /400 Gb, uptime 24/7.
Communication channels: discord @eternity#7323 telegram @peter202011
Country of residence: Ukraine.
Languages: English, Russian, Ukraine